alpha.tribe tales

I like to think of all of this as part of a larger whole, which I call alpha.tribe tales. I try to document these as small websites, using tumblr and blogspot and I interlink them so that visitors may wander from one to the other:

modernist.avatar: http://modernistavatars.tumblr.com/; foolz.gold: http://foolzgold.tumblr.com/; entre loup et chien: http://twilightavatars.tumblr.com/; The Tales of Ruysch: http://ruyschavatars.tumblr.com/; abject.avatar: http://abjectavatar.tumblr.com/; alpha.tribe: http://alphatribe.tumblr.com/; the island: http://alphatribeisland.blogspot.com/; ShapeShifter: http://shapeshifterisland.blogspot.com/; Asemia: http://elifayiter.wix.com/asemia

Admittedly, many of them are incomplete, and all of them are works in progress...