The avatars

I enjoy making avatars as much as I enjoy making "things," and probably even more. What I really like to do however is to make avatars which become extensions of the structures that they inhabit, where the system/concept of one is carried through into the other. Where "things" become "people," and vice versa...

In the case of the inhabitants of the cage I wanted them to be bogged down by their celestial fate. So, I encumbered them with a small version of the cage itself, which they wore on their chests. And clinging to different parts of their bodies and their heads were the sculptures, which they also had to drag around with them. And finally, their skins were made of the celestial atlas itself.

This avatar was also given as a gift to the visitors of the cage and many people wore it and merged with the construct during their stay - thus becoming "Uranometria," while being surrounded by the "I Ching."