Pages for a flipbook

I know that for many people flipbooks are in dubious taste. As for me, I love making them and have quite a collection of them on issuu.

I could talk about things such as how I am conceptualizing the irony of using the workings of an analog artifact for digital output and so forth, justify myself in that way I suppose. But, I am not going to do that: I simply like how they look, their cleanness, the beauty of the issuu interface itself, that lovely reflection effect in the gutter and the edges that gives the books a very sophisticated faux volume. And also the flip effect.

Yet another reason may also be that I miss my old profession, graphic design, and try to compensate for the loss by making flipbooks which go by the same design rules as physical publications do.

The spreads below come from a book called alpha.tribe tales, in which I put together 4 different "stories," which my avatars participated in.

In the spreads for the Uranometria "tale" I added an informational typographic layer on top of the images in which I combined passages from Jung's foreword to the I Ching with text by Ian Ridpath that discusses some of the important aspects of Johan Bayer's Uranometria, his contributions to the field of astronomy. The text on the dark background belongs to Jung, the text on the white background is the text about Uranometria.